Saturday, September 8, 2012

In Response to HFL #51's Talent System Opinions

Dear Horde for Life Podcast,

I recently heard the Episode 51 impressions of the talent system, and though I am a huge fan of the podcast (and a brand new member of the guild!) I can't agree with your opinion of the system being too simplistic and on the direction it is going.

Though it is easy to, I find that comparing it to the old talent system is a mistake. Both were designed with different goals in mind. The old system was meant to provide customizability but we ended up theory crafting the best specs and calling it a day. The new system has fewer choices but more meaningful ones. There are raid boss guides with suggested talent choices. That in combination with the items that allow you to change one choice at a time means these choices will be addressed on a boss by boss basis sometimes.

In addition, I think you are neglecting to see this as a basis for expansion. You've mentioned that you see this as the beginning of simplifying the game further. I see it as a new foundation to build on. With this new specs can be created and new abilities designed and added with more control over balance.

All in all, love the show and keep up the great work. Lok'tar ogar!

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